Tips for paragliders

Flying high in a heavenly spot

Starting sites

The three take-off sites are within a 100 m radius of the chairlift mountain station and face east, south and west. The following instructions must be observed:

  • On the southern starting site it is necessary to take off eastwards.
  • In a southerly direction is the nature conservation zone ‒ so flying is forbidden by nature conservation order of the district commission of Lilienfeld (LFW2-NA-0448/001)!
  • Minimum distance from lifts: horizontal 50 m, vertical 150 m

Landing site

The landing site ‒ the Grabner landing field ‒ is located 150 m east of the valley station next to the open-air pool. The following instructions must be observed:

  • Due to the proximity to Mariazell airfield it is vital to keep an eye out for in- and outbound aircraft!
  • The area above the landing field is only approved for the landing approach and a maximum height of 200 m GND must be maintained.
  • The exit from the landing site is next to the pumping station (ladder over the fence). This area should be used for dismantling and folding up equipment. Ground handling training should not be carried out on the landing field!

Further important information

  • It is not permitted to use our flying area as a training area!
  • All flying rules must be strictly observed!
  • Maximum permitted height FL 125 (3,800 m)!
  • Hang-glider transport is possible by arrangement only
    Contact: Kurt Schöggl, mobile: 0664 1633800

Flying ban

  • From 1st April until 13th May by nature conservation order for protection of the indigenous black grouse population
  • From 10th September until 10th October due to hunting season!


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